Nothing Is Ever Destroyed

Physics states that nothing is ever destroyed. It simply changes form.  Tear up a letter and you have many small bits of paper in the waste bin instead of one […]

The Strength not to Cave-In

Like everyone else, the successful efforts to save the Thai youngsters from the deep water-bound cave, held my earnest attention, and I found myself becoming emotionally involved in hoping for […]

The Case of the Stolen Cloud

Ever wondered why those clouds overhead often appear shapeless and asymmetrical? Problem solved. It’s a case of cloud theft. Some cunning James Bond villains have successfully stolen clouds for their […]

The Writing Is On The Wall

They may be made of bricks, stone, cement, wire, steel and even earth. Hadrian used his to keep the Empire free of the ‘Barbarians’. Quin Shink Quan used another version […]

It?s Just ?Kite-Flying?

Kites. So beautiful, swirling colorfully in the breeze, the cherubic angel-face wearing an expression of innocent wonderment as the child discovers synergy with the natural elements.  Another kite. Cut loose […]

Beam Me Up, Scottie

I often wonder how a tenth century worldly denizen of the western world might view life today.  Or for that matter an eighteenth century person.  The world has changed so […]

Peeking Through the Spiritual Key-hole

Senses are exquisite mediators between our consciousness and the world around us.? Just imagine what our understanding and meaning of life would be like if we operated only on one […]

Not Nazism ? But Guilt!

My parents were holocaust survivors.  My wife’s parents were holocaust survivors. The awesome impact of meeting and speaking to a living holocaust survivor will not take place any more in […]

Books, Phones, and Soft-Top Roadsters

I read books. No Kindle for me. I love the feel of holding the thickened cover, registering the different paper thicknesses, savoring the aesthetics of old-world fonts, noting the subtle […]

Of Land and Sea

Kabbala speaks of two levels of existence, using the Aramaic terms Olam Iskasia (the hidden world) and Olam Isgalia (the revealed world). The ‘hidden’ world lies beneath the seas where […]

Questo semplicemente non ? il cricket!

Trovo curioso come le stesse provocazioni vengano trattate in modi così diversi da diverse culture e società. La manomissione di una palla da cricket durante una partita significa una partita […]

It's Simply Not Cricket

I find it curious how the same provocations are treated so differently by different cultures and societies. Tampering with a cricket ball during a match means a one-match suspension for […]