A collection of Rabbi Laibl Wolf’s weekly blogs. For almost half a century, Laibl has been a spiritual mentor and a worldwide teacher of the mystical side of Judaism. As an ordained Rabbi with a legal degree and psychology training Laibl’s blog provides fascinating perspective on current affairs and life issues.

Fishky 1

Whiskey & Herring

This may sound ‘fishky’ to you, but the combination of whiskey and herring is an age-old Jewish tradition from way back in the ‘old country’. In bitterly cold winter climates,

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My Project 1 26

AI is Not Intelligent

We are reading doomsday articles on how ‘artificial intelligence’ may destroy humanity, that AGI (Artificial General intelligence) – meaning superior ’emergent’ robotic mindpower – will far outpace human capacities, leading

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Design In Nature 1

Design in Nature

The more science investigates the nature of the universe, both macro and micro, the more it discovers design, structure, and pattern. This is quite amazing since we would intuitively expect

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