History Of Ruth 1 (1)

The Book of Ruth

This edition of the story of Ruth has been sourced from www.Chabad.org it does not include commentary and errs to a more literal translation of the Biblical text Ruth was

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History Of Shavuot

The History of Shavuot

By Rabbi Menachem Wolf Shavuot is the festival celebrating the giving and receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai 3,300+ years ago. For background, 3,500+ years ago the children of

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Shavuot In Depth 1

Shavuot in Depth

This three part series is a quick dive into Shavuot, its history, messages and traditions. Part 1: The History of The Festival In this episode Rabbi Menachem Wolf gives a

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Shavuot Candle Lighting 2023

Candle Lighting

Lighting the candles of Shabbat and Yom Tov (festivals) is a part of ushering in the energy of those sacred moments into one’s home. The specific times of lighting correspond

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Seize Your Moment 1

Seize Your Moment!

The Purim megillah describes a tense moment between the two hero’s; Esther and Mordechai. Their discussion has a timeless lesson for us all about seizing moments that make a difference.

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How To See Miracles

The story of Purim is recorded in Megilat Esther. At first glance this seems logical enough a name being that one of the protagonists goes by the name Esther. But

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Traditions Of Purim

The Traditions of Purim

The festival of Purim has four primary traditions and a number of localised customs. The primary traditions of Purim come from the Megillah – the scroll of Esther, and they

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My Project 1 16

9th Av Traditions

Being the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, Tisha B’Av is commemorated with many of the traditions observed during the period of mourning for a loved a one. Many of

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