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Thank you for applying for our Rite of Passage experience and for taking the time to complete the following information. If any questions are not applicable to your family's circumstances, please answer N/A for that particular question. As you complete this form, please feel free to contact us on 9509 7211 with any questions.

Student information

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Family's Approach to Tradition

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It is important that we have an understanding of family lineage so that we do not inadvertently offend
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It is important that we have an understanding of family heritage so that we do not inadvertently offend
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Father's details

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The Ceremony

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Medical information (confidential) and emergency contact details

Is your child up to date with vaccinations? *
Medical release: By selecting "Yes" I hereby authorize Spiritgrow staff to obtain any medical care necessary for my child. I understand that in the case of an emergency or any significant illness or injury, attempt will be made to contact myself when practical. I agree to pay for any cost that may occur as a result of the injury/illness. *

Permissions - Activities and Media

By selecting "Yes" I hereby permit my child to participate in all Rite of Passage activities and excursions.
I agree to be a part of a Spiritgrow RoP Updates WhatsApp group
By selecting "Yes" I hereby grant permission to use photos or videos of your child at Spiritgrow’s discretion and give full permission to Spiritgrow to use photographs and videos of your child for PR purposes.

Waiver of Liability

By selecting "Yes", I hereby unconditionally release Spiritgrow Centre and Library Assoc. Inc., and any of their officers, directors, executives, employees, agents, volunteers and anyone working under, through or in connection with any of them with respect to any incident, claim, occurrence, loss, injury, or damage whether known or unknown, present or future, foreseeable or not, that could or may arise out of such participation in any and all programs and activities, including provided travel to and from, in which I participate at the Spiritgrow Centre and Library. I, the undersigned, have read and understand the above statements and I agree to abide by all the rules and guidelines of Spiritgrow. *

Delicate Cases

Adoption and surrogacy are important factors in determining Jewish status. Your child's bar or bat mitzvah is a religious milestone and we can only perform this tradition with those who are halachically Jewish. The onus is on the applicants to disclose to Spiritgrow any circumstances that may affect the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Where the applicants have failed to disclose such information, Spiritgrow has the right, at any time, to cancel the application. Matters of a delicate nature may be discussed in confidence with the Rabbi. The applicants agree to abide by Spiritgrow's code of conduct and if relevant, rulings on matters of religion as it relates to your families involvement. In cases of divorce, separation or variations in custody etc, both parents and (where applicable) guardians or other relevant persons must sign and are bound by the terms of the application.
For our documentation, please provide us with the following information (you can scan or take a picture of these and email them to us at [email protected] or bring in a hard copy to our office).