Our Story

After decades of lecturing on Jewish spirituality across the globe and a three-hour meeting with the Dalai Lama, Laibl Wolf intuited that the world needed a Spiritgrow. He wasn’t wrong. Only 15 years old, Melbourne’s Spiritgrow Joseph Kryss Wholistic Centre is now the avant-garde model of 21st Century Jewish Centres.

What planted the Spiritgrow seed in Laibl’s mind?

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Laibl’s speaking tours brought him to all seven continents. He lectured to just about every type of audience you can think of. What he saw struck him: the world was undeniably evolving toward a new phase of personal quest and exploration. People were seeking things like relationship enrichment, personal mastery, meditational techniques, spirituality, wellness practices and healthy living. Members of the Jewish faith were no exception. Their Judaism wasn’t speaking to their spiritual search. Laibl saw the need. The Spiritgrow concept began to germinate.

In 2006, Laibl partnered with his son, Menachem, and a small team of daring visionaries to found the Spiritgrow Wholistic Centre. Within months, they transformed a dank Melbourne warehouse into a warm, inviting haven for spiritual exploration. They ran a flurry of seminars on meditation and wholistic living. Hundreds of participants flocked their doors. Spiritgrow had taken root. 

Who is Joseph Kryss?

The Spiritgrow project was enabled by the generosity and vision of Mr. Leo Kryss. His philanthropic support made the Spiritgrow dream a reality. Leo dedicated his contribution in the memory of his late father, Mr. Josef Kryss, a Brazilian philanthropist who arose from the ashes of the holocaust.

Spiritgrow is honoured to bear Josef’s name. Welcome to the Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Wholistic Centre.


A values conscious world that practices compassion and lives in a  state of perpetual peace &  universal harmony.


To inspire and empower a community of committed advocates to lead lives of spiritual growth, holistic wellbeing and character development


Spiritual • Healthy • Individualised • Non Judgmental • Elevating