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The Spiritgrow Tutorials empower you to live a life where you can adapt more easily to change, retain and develop awareness and discover the Spiritual meaning of our tradition.

Spiritual Prayer

Spiritual Prayer

Understanding and following prayer services has become a latter-day challenge.  In this course we will look at the structure and content of the Shabbat morning prayer service and discern a definite structure – four rungs of a ladder of spiritual ascent. These will be explained in detail and individual prayers analysed.  The course is geared

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Meditation In Five Sessions Course Spiritgrow

Easy Meditation for Living Easy

Meditation is a tool to achieve many important human goals.  Not least amongst these is to lead a healthy life by limiting and neutralising stress and anxiousness.  This course will provide five simple tools that can be used to achieve the physical integrity of the body and mind, thereby having a positive flow-on effect for

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Inner Struggle

Inner Struggle

Why are human beings troubled by inner conflict? What creates inner tension and indecision? How can we discern what is good or bad, right or wrong? These and other issues describing the human condition are analysed from the vantage point of the classic text, The Tanya, drawing from Kabbalistic sources and profound Chabad teachings. The

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Where Seekers Meet

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After decades of lecturing on Jewish spirituality across the globe and a three-hour meeting with the Dalai Lama, Laibl Wolf intuited that the world needed a Spiritgrow. We are the worlds first Holistic Jewish Centre that offers library, informal learning and community facilities & resources for any seeker wishing to explore the Jewish spiritual approach to life, wellbeing and relationships. After 15 years, Spiritgrow has become a global leader and model for 21st century Jewish centres and experiences.

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The Spiritual ’Butterfly Effect 🦋

The name of the Parsha MiKeitz symbolises the end of an era, the end of this era and the beginning of the Messianic era known as the date of Keitz. Channuka culminates with the lighting of eight candles, eight being the number of miracles, beyond seven, the symbol of nature, and a hint of Moshiach.

Happy Chanukah Night Number five!
Tonight we are unpacking the history of public Menorah lightings.
Where has been your favourite Menorah lighting? Let us know in the comments below. 🕎

Happy Chanukah Night Number four!
We are officially at the half way mark, and we are unpacking "Chanukah guilt" Let us know in the comments below if you have ever got caught in the Chanukah guilt cycle. 🕎

Happy Chanukah night number three!
Tonight we discuss the role that food and oil play in how we celebrate Chanukah. Please let us know in the comments below what your favourite Chanukah meal is and why? 🕎

Chanukah night number two!

Tonight we are discussing the importance of lighting double candles, we also delve into the history of why we start lighting one candle instead of starting with 8 and working our way down.

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Happy night number one! 🕯

To celebrate night number one, we are offering a brief history and introduction to Chanukah.

We will be posting a video a night during this years celebration as way to delve deeper and understand the meanings, motifs and traditions behind Chanukah. 🕎